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We manufacture Pressure Vessel starting from 50 litres capacity to up to 100M3 capacities, both in a horizontal and vertical design, for working pressures starting from 7kg/cm2(g) to 30kg/cm2(g), for various applications including compressed air, DM plants, CO2 storage.

The design codes followed our latest editions of IS2825, ASME, Section VIII, Div I.
The Material of construction is as per customer requirement/application which includes IS2062 GRB, IS2002, SA516 Gr60 / 70, SS304, SS304L and SS316 etc.

We have manufactured more than 8000 pressure vessel to date.

  • We have manufactured pressure vessel and storage tanks for RO/DM plants primarily for water business Divisions of a major player in north India.
  • The diameter of vessels manufactured ranges from 300mm to 4000mm with capacities as high as 85M3.
  • Some of the projects were under 3rd party inspections and involved radiography tests also.

The manufacturing is done under strict quality control procedures adhering to our internal quality assurance plan (QAP), NDT testing including radiography, UT, MPI, third party and customer inspections.

Water & Fuel Tanks

  • We specialize in manufacturing quality Fuel& Water Tanks that meet the variegated requirements of our clientele. Offered in various sizes and capacities, these are customized according to the client’s specific requirements. The tanks are used for storing water, diesel, petrol and oil.
  • We are a preferred supplier for these tanks and get 80% of their scheduled requirements.

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