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Why invest in dry quality air?

Wherever you go in the world, whatever application you look at, you will find Atlas Copco dryers in silent operation around the clock. Industry leading companies invest in dry quality air, because they know it’s the best solution for a long term, troublefree operation. Why shouldn’t you follow their example? No shop is too small, no air requirement too low to benefit from what FX dryers have to offer: simple and reliable operation, excellent protection of your products and systems against damage or corrosion. Size doesn’t matter, results do

The hidden danger of untreated air

When the air that surrounds us is compressed, its vapour and particle concentration increases dramatically. The compression process causes the oil and water vapours to condense into droplets, and then mix with the high concentration of particles. The resulting mixture is an abrasive oily sludge that in many cases is also acidic. Without air treatment equipment, much of this corrosive sludge will enter the compressed air system, corroding the pipe work, damaging pneumatic tools and equipment as well as potentially compromising final product quality.

The simple solution for a costly problem

The FX range of refrigerant dryers offer a reliable, cost effective and simple solution. To avoid condensation and therefore all chance of corrosion and damage, the compressed air needs to be dried, which is exactly what the FX units are designed to do.

These simple reliable units remove water from the air and the risk from your system, ensuring that your money doesn’t just disappear into the air !

No installation is complete without filtration

Adding filtration to the installation will further increase the quality of the air, resulting in even less chance that tools and machines will be damaged and final product quality compromised.

  • The prefilter will protect the dryer, and also remove free water, particles to 1 micron and oil to 0.1 mg/m3.
  • The final filter removes particles to 0.01 micron and oil to 0.01mg/m3.
  • The final result is dry clean air, which allows you to concentrate on your business, without problems.

Technical Specifications

ModelOutlet pressure dewpoint
+5 °C/41 °F
Outlet pressure dewpoint
+3 °C/37 °F
Maximum working pressureElectrical supplyDimensionsWeightCompr. air connec- tions
Inlet capacityPressure dropInlet capacityPressure dropLenghtWidthHeight
FX 17140.202.886130.152.1816232230/1/50Hz50019.6935013.7848419.0619423/4” M
FX 212240.334.7910210.253.6316232230/1/50Hz50019.6935013.7848419.0619423/4” M
FX 316350.334.7914300.253.6316232230/1/50Hz50019.6935013.7848419.0620443/4” M
FX 423490.334.7920420.253.6316232230/1/50Hz50019.6935013.7848419.0625553/4” M
FX 535740.405.7530640.304.3516232230/1/50Hz50019.6935013.7848419.0627603/4” M
FX 645950.426.1439830.324.6413189230/1/50Hz50019.6937014.5780431.65511121” F
FX 7581220.507.29501060.385.5113189230/1/50Hz50019.6937014.5780431.65511121” F
FX 8691460.243.45601270.182.6113189230/1/50Hz56022.0546018.1182932.64611351 1/2” F
FX 9791670.334.79681440.253.6313189230/1/50Hz56022.0546018.1182932.64681501 1/2” F
FX 101002110.243.45871840.182.6113189230/1/50Hz56022.0546018.1182932.64731611 1/2” F
FX 111252640.263.841082290.202.9013189230/1/50Hz56022.0558022.8393936.97901981 1/2” F
FX 121483130.365.181282710.273.9213189230/1/50Hz56022.0558022.8393936.97901981 1/2” F
FX 131924070.334.791673540.253.6313189400/3/50Hz89835.3573528.94100239.451282822” F
FX 142304880.405.802004240.304.3513189400/3/50Hz89835.3573528.94100239.451463222” F
FX 152886110.405.802505300.304.3513189400/3/50Hz89835.3573528.94100239.451583482” F
FX 163457310.405.803006360.304.3513189400/3/50Hz89835.3573528.94100239.451854082” F
FX 174248980,284,074008470,253,6313189400/3/50Hz108242,59102040,15156061,413257173″ F
FX 1853011230,344,8950010590,304,3513189400/3/50Hz108242,59102040,15156061,413357393″ F
FX 1961813090,395,7058312350,355,0813189400/3/50Hz108242,59102040,15156061,413507723″ F
FX 2088318700,344,8983317640,304,3513189400/3/50Hz209982,6102040,15156061,415501213DN 125
FX 21123626180,284,07116624700,253,6313189400/3/50Hz209982,6102040,15156061,416001323DN 125

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