GA (VSD) oil-injected screw compressors series

GA (VSD) oil-injected screw compressors series

GA & GA⁺ (5-500 kW) GA VSD (37 -315 kW) GA VSD⁺ (7-75 kW)

Our market-leading GA oil-injected rotary screw compressor delivers outstanding performance, high productivity and low cost of ownership – even in the harshest environments.

Check out our new GA 11⁺ – 30 range!

Searching for an efficient 11 – 30 kW screw compressor? The GA 11⁺ – 30 delivers the very best, without compromise.

Air to your needs

Free Air delivery from 8.4-1410 l/s with the highest reliability. Whatever your needs, our GA delivers.

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Technical specifications oil-lubricated Automan



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