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High performance filtration

In almost all applications, contamination of the air supply can cause serious performance decline and increase maintenance costs in terms of actual repairs and lost productivity. Atlas Copco’s innovative filtration solutions are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best quality air and meet today’s increasing quality demands. They are fully certified according to ISO standards by independent laboratories.

Meeting your every demand

The quality of air required throughout a typical compressed air system varies. With its extensivefilter range, Atlas Copco can perfectly match your precise requirements, ensuring that all typesof contamination are avoided and costs are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Fully tested to all relevant ISO standards

Atlas Copco filters are qualified according to the ISO 8573-1:2010 standards. This is the latest edition of the standard. Beware of filters that comply with earlier editions of the standard, such as ISO 8573-1:1991 or ISO 8573-1:2001. These may result in a different, inferior quality ofdelivered compressed air.

Furthermore, our filters comply with ISO 12500-1:2007 and ISO 12500-3:2009, which specifies the test layout and test procedures required for testing coalescing filters and solid particle filters used in compressed air systems to determine their effectiveness in removing oil aerosolsand solid particles.

Technical Data, Selection & sizing

Filters Size
(DD, PD, QD,
DDp, PDp,
Nominal capacityConnection (G or NPT)ABcdFree Spaces Cartridge replacementWeight
1601603391 1/21405.544917.748919.352020.51003.94.2
2152154551 1/21405.553220.957222.560323.71003.94.5
2652655611 1/21405.553220.957222.560323.71003.94.6
3603607632 1/21797.061824.365825.968927.11505.96.9


Pressure Drop PDDDDDpPDPDpQD
initial pressure drop at nominal conditions (dry)
initial pressure drop at nominal conditions (wet)0.12NA0.2NANA
Initial pressure Bar (g)2467810121416
Inlet  pressure psig295887102116145174203232
Correction factor0.530.750.9211.061.21.311.411.5

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