Complete Compressed Air Package (O-GA 15-22)

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Mean noise level measured accord to ISO 2151/Pneurop/Cagi PN8NTC2 test code, tolerance 3dB(A).

Pressure dew point of integrated refrigerant dryer at reference conditions: 2’C to 3’C, 36’F to 37’F.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Compressed air pacakage including dryer, receiver & filter
  • Integrated Dual Filters
  • Almost Oil Free air (0.01 ppm)
  • Space saving
  • No separate interconnecting piping required
  • No more quality rejections, no more production loss
  • Ideal soution for Food, Packaging, agro, Grain/Rice sorting applications
  • Class 1.4.1 Quality air delivered at packae outlet

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