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Building on many years of experience and backed by extensive in-house testing, our Atlas Copco engineers gained completely new insights into oil coalescing filtration. The result is our Nautilus filter technology based on unique, low-density filter media, with the sophistication and looks of a nautilus shell.


Your production processes and end products depend on the air purity of the compressed air. Untreated compressed air may cause extensive damage and lead to serious performance degradation. To protect your investment, equipment and processes, Atlas Copco offers a comprehensive lineup of innovative filtration solutions to meet your specific needs.

How does Nautilus filter technology work?

To explain Nautilus filter technology, we use the metaphor of a forest. The trees are the glass fibers in the filter media –strategically placed so that nothing can get past them. Now think of a balloon – representing the oil and solid particles you want to filter from the air – trying to pass through the forest. The air current will move the balloon and it will get stuck in the leaves of the trees.

Accessories & Options

  • Replacement kit*
  • Wall mounting kit*
  • Drain quick coupling*
  • Serial connection kit*
  • Voltage-free contact mounted in the differential pressure gauge
  • EWD electronic drain (optional on sizes 9-550 l/s, standard on sizes ≥550F)

Technical Specifications

  FILTER SIZE   UD 9+  Nominal capacity  Reference pressure  Maximum pressure  ConnectionsDimensionsFree space for cartridge replacement  Weight
l/scfm 19bar(e)psig 102bar(e)psig 232mm 90inmm 61inmm 268inmm 75inkg 1,0lbs
UD 15+15327102162321/2″903,5612,426810,6752,91,12,4
UD 25+25537102162321/2″903,5612,432312,8752,91,32,9
UD 45+45957102162323/4″ & 1″1104,3993,937414,7752,91,64,2
UD 60+601277102162321″1104,3993,941416,3752,92,14,6
UD 100+1002127102162321″1405,51054,042516,71003,93,78,2
UD 140+1402977102162321″-1/2″1405,51054,152020,51003,94,29,3
UD 180+1803817102162321″-1/2″1405,51054,160323,71003,94,59,9
UD 220+2204667102162321″-1/2″1405,51054,160323,71003,94,610,1
UD 310+3106577102162322″ & 2″-1/2″1797,11214,868927,11505,96,915,2
UD 425+4259017102162323″2108,31285,179131,12007,911,024,2
UD 550+5501.1657102162323″2108,31285,196137,82007,912,627,8
UD 550+F5501.165710216232DN8037014,628011,01.29551,01.37554,176,0167,6
UD 850+F8501.801710216232DN10051020,141016,11.36053,51.50059,1141,0310,9
UD 1100+F1.1002.331710216232DN10051020,141016,11.36053,51.50059,1143,0315,3
UD 1400+F1.4002.967710216232DN15062024,448519,11.48058,31.56061,4210,0463,0
UD 1800+F1.8003.814710216232DN15064025,249019,31.55561,21.64064,6176,0388,0
UD 2200+F2.2004.662710216232DN15064025,249019,31.55561,21.64064,6178,0392,4
UD 3000+F3.0006.357710216232DN20082032,365017,71.74568,71.71067,3420,0925,9
UD 4000+F4.0008.476710216232DN20082032,365017,71.74568,71.71067,3428,0943,6
UD 5000+F5.00010.595710216232DN20082032,365017,71.74568,71.71067,3432,0952,4
UD 6000+F6.00012.714710216232DN25092036,281532,12.08582,11.62564,0671,01479,3
UD 7000+F7.00014.833710216232DN25092036,281532,12.08582,11.62564,0675,01488,1
UD 8000+F8.00016.952710216232DN3001.04040,993036,62.07081,51.62564,0900,01984,2

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